Eithan Giles

(Senior Nurse/Student Nurse Trainer)

Eithan Giles joined our team in November 2020 as a fully qualified veterinary nurse.
Eithan found his way to vet nursing while sitting in our waiting room with his sick cockatiel Zelda. He decided to become a vet nurse while waiting for his appointment because he was inspired to look after animals.

These days, Eithan is our senior nurse and plays a significant role in the management team. He’s also very well known as our “tech guy”. When we break a computer (or want a new one), he’s the one we bug. As we’ve recently had a significant software upgrade, Eithan’s work is never-ending and no question is too stupid.

Eithan’s real strength though is in his ability to monitor anaesthetics in addition to all round nursing duties. He is very well-experienced with most breeds of animals, so it’s hard to surprise him with something different.

Our student nurses have come to rely on Eithan for training and it’s something we’ve learned to trust him for. He actively gets his students involved in every aspect of clinic life and word has spread that students aren’t just stuck cleaning during their placement shifts. Eithan is the reason we have a placement waiting list.

Eithan has completed his Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing and is always looking into extension studies.

Eithan really should have a warning label stuck to his back (sometimes nurses get to the stickers and he actually does). If he ever asks you to open a small wooden box, run away. He’s good with the practical jokes and shouldn’t be trusted with a pair of scissors. He’s the first to say that bird toy making is not his thing (we let him use scissors to make some and learned that the hard way!).



Areas of Expertise

  •  Veterinarian Nurse

My Animal Story

Eithan lives with his 4 cockatiels, 2 conures, quaker and 2 dogs. Watch this space he’s likely to end up with a galah as he has a soft spot for them.

When Eithan is not at the clinic, he’s often pet-sitting. We’re never entirely sure where he’s living, but it’s ok, he still shows up.

Outside of the clinic, Eithan competes in paintball. He enjoys gaming. He’s the one that gets us lost on dog walks. Let’s turn left guys. We’re not going to die on a mountain full of leeches.