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Burwood Vet is situated in Burwood, Victoria. Our clinic thrives on patient care. Behind the scenes “at the back” – we really care about your pets.     We all understand the deep connection you have with your companion animals.  We are a “worth the drive” veterinary destination where you can expect friendly, professional service and concerned veterinary expertise. 

Our professional staff comprises Dr. Phil, Dr. Shereni, Dr. Ruth and Dr. Kelly, who collectively have over 65 years of veterinary experience. Our professional health care team is  committed to satisfying the needs and requests of both owners and their pets. We hope you enjoy and learn from our information during veterinary clinic visits and from our websites, Facebook page and Youtube channel and we welcome any feedback from you, our valued clients.

Our Services

Burwood Vet is a full service veterinary clinic.  We are a general practice vet that is well known for our vet dentistry.

We are also known as Bird Vet Melbourne as we run a bird clinic in the same facility.

  • Cat & Dog Health Checks

    Annual Checkups are essential for identifying illnesses before they become a problem. See more...

  • Cat & Dog Vaccinations

    It is vital your pet's vaccinations are maintained. Click the following for more info: Dog Vaccinations or Cat Vaccinations.

  • Desexing

    Speys and Castrations are both routine surgical procedures that we do at an affordable price. See more...

  • Disease & Condition Management

    Common diseases such as diabetes, thyroid issues, skin conditions

Aussie Shepherd
  • Cat and Dog Dentistry

    We are well known as an affordable pet dental practice.  This is an area of passion for us and we pride ourselves on a higher level of service. More info:  Dog Dentistry or Cat Dentistry.

  • Surgical Services

    From Orthopaedics to general surgical needs.  We have an expert surgical team.

  • Radiology & Ultrasonography

    With the latest equipment on hand, we routinely scan and xray pets daily.

  • Other Services

    From AQIS (Export pet services) to a simple nail trim.  Our other services are too numerous to list here.  Call us for more information.


More than 80% of Dogs and Cats have Dental Disease by the Age of 3.

We have multiple vet dentists on staff who are well known for their ability to save teeth, not just extract them.

Burwood Vet is well known as a destination dental clinic.  People travel from all over the state for expert pet dental care at an affordable price.

Online pet supplies foraging mat

Pet Shop - In Clinic and ONLINE!!!!

We know how hard it is to find vet recommended safe products for your pets - so we started our own store.  Many of these products are available in our reception, but even more are online.

Many of our products are custom made at our direction and can't be found in other stores.  Prices are affordable.

We cater for dogs, cats, birds and other small pets.  Can't find what you want? Contact us with your suggestions!

Need help? Book now online! Or Call Us!

For all urgent Veterinary needs please contact the Burwood Vet clinic on: (03) 9808 9011.
Otherwise click the link below to book online.

CALL US ON: (03) 9808 9011

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Your pets are our priority.  A lot happens in a vet clinic.  Check back to our site regularly because we are often adding articles and case studies that contain information your pet wants you to know.

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