Veterinary Nurse

Wei joined our team in early 2022 as a placement student nurse.  She was such an amazing student that we very quickly added her to our paid staff.  Wei has since completed her studies and is now a fully qualified vet nurse.
Wei has been working as a dental nurse for humans but has changed career because she says humans are boring and she prefers animals. (She isn’t wrong!) Working with animals has been a childhood dream come true for Wei, it is something she has always wanted to do.
English is Wei’s second language, her first language is Mandarin because she was born in China.  We see a lot of clients for export health checks at the clinic and you will often see Wei helping out with her amazing language skills.
Having a dental nurse for humans on staff has been very handy when it comes to dog and cat dental work.  The skills are transferrable.  The equipment is almost the same!
Wei’s education background is unconventional for a vet nurse, having studied International Trade at University.  She prefers nursing!

Wei’s favourite animal is a horse, but she doesn’t own one. She does love horse riding though. These days, if you ask what pets she has, she says she has 2 daughters, quails and fish. The animal family is growing though so watch this space.

Outside of the clinic, you will find Wei reading while drinking coffee, or doing anything while drinking coffee. The clinic staff are trying to convince her to convert to eating chocolate more than drinking coffee, but we’re not there yet. (Watch this space!)

Areas of Expertise

  • Certifcate 4 in Vet Nursing.

Wei at work! Check out the extracts below:

Cat anaesthetic
Vet Nurse Life