Veterinary Nurse

Katelyn joined our team at the start of 2021.

She came to the veterinary industry because of her passion for animals. As a child she was always bringing home animals that needed help. It didn’t matter what type of animal – she’d bring them all home. (She still does this.)
Over the last 10 years she has spent as much time as possible volunteering in wildlife rescue and wildlife shelters. It’s safe to say that helping wildlife was a key motivator for Katelyn when she decided to become a vet nurse.

Katelyn is fully qualified, having completed her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing.

Outside of the Clinic, Katelyn enjoys camping, 4×4 driving and playing with wombats when she gets the time.

She lives with her fur baby, Zeke who is a Mini Australian Shepherd. You will see Zeke in some of the clinic Youtube videos where the staff bring their dogs on group walks. (He’s usually the one running away, but Katelyn says this will change when he finishes obedience classes.)

Areas of Expertise

  • Certificate II in animal studies Certificate III in animal studies (specialising in vet nurse)
  • Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing.
  • She continues to do whatever extension work she can find.

Katelyn at work! Check out the extracts below: