Gingival Hyperplasia In Dogs

Gingival hyperplasia refers to the pathological growth of excess gum tissue as a result of (Dr Phil suspects) periodontal diseae . See the picture below:


There are some breeds that are more commonly affected to gingival hyperplasia Like the Great Dane, Doberman and Boxers .

So Why the Gum growth ?

As the frpreiodindal pocket becomes inflamed , a reaction to dental plaque and periodontal disease in initiated. It starts to become inflamed and as opposed to just eroding the gum, like we usually see with periodontal disease – abnormal, proliferative gum growth occurs. In this case Likes teeth have been almost completely overtaken by Gum tissue.

Treatments involve – Gingivectomy – removing the Excessive gum tissue recontour of the Gums.

Then a good scale and polish and home therapy.

See the picture below after massive amount of gum have been removed:

GH 2

Meet our Patient Luke – 6 year old -Beautiful – otherwise appearing happy Male Boxer . He was presented to Fresh Breath Doggie Dental –  a group that offers Cleaning and oral health for pets in their home environments. After The team evaluated Like they Referred Luke  over to Dr Phil for Veterinary dental therapy.

The picture below is Luke 2 hours after the procedure – happy to be going home.

GH 3

Veterinary Dentistry has advanced so much. There are now post graduate veterinary qualifications for veterinary dentists. Many owners are looking for a more experienced veterinary dental clinic.

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