Canine Tooth Restoration

Not so long ago veterinarians did not treat tooth fractures or damaged teeth. Now we know that many patients suffered silently as the tooth slowly died and became abscessed. once the pulp cavity is exposed , this is always painful, as it is in humans even if we are not aware of it.

Is the outer layer of the tooth is damaged we can often easily restore it. The canine tooth restoration is similar to a human filling.

Here is a case seen in February 2017. A young German Shepard Dog with a traumatic injury to the bottom canine tooth. if left untreated it is likely to become further infected and lead to loss of the tooth. Note the penetrating wound and black discolouration:

Tooth Restoration 1
Tooth Restoration 2

After careful burring away of damaged enamel and scaling and polishing the affected area – it is prepared for the restoration.

Tooth Restoration 3
Tooth Restoration 4

Now to do the “filling” on the canine tooth – after acid etching and bonding the dental composite is light cured into the prepared site.

Tooth Restoration 5
Tooth Restoration 6

The final repair – and all we need to do is smooth the surface of the tooth.

Tooth Restoration 7

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