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The Importance of Dental Care in Yorkie…

Yorkie Dental 1

Our Cutest Yorkie Dental patient, awake in a heated Yorkie vet Hospital cage at the vet dentist. This picture is taken 1 hour after the Yorkshire Terrier dental procedure.

While the Yorkshire Terrier makes a wonderful companions, the teeth are a cause of many chronic problems . Like many other small-breed dogs, dental disease in Yorkies is a common occurrence and invariably most owners will have to make decisions regarding Yorkshire Terrier dental interventions at some point in their Yorkie’s life. Therefore, it is important that you as a loving caring Yorkshire Terrier owner take a positive stance against Yorkshire Terrier dental disease from when you first acquire your dog, and make a conscious effort to prevent the deterioration of its teeth throughout its lifetime.

Dental disease causes pain , and debilitation and Yorkshire Terrier dentistry, and dental care should be addressed AT THE FIRST VET VISIT – usually the first vaccination.

Yorkie-Specific Dental Issues

Retained Deciduous Teeth in Yorkshire Terrier.

Yorkie Dental 2
Yorkie Dental 3

Waking up from the general anesthetic at the Yorkshire Terrier dentist . SO CUTE!! Do not worry – we fix the Yorkie “hair do”

Before the adult teeth starting at four months old, the mouth is full of baby teeth, known as deciduous teeth. As the adult teeth begin to erupt, they are supposed to push the deciduous teeth out of their socket. Often the Yorkshire Terrier dentist notes they do not come out at all.

Yorkie Dental 4

The Yorkie dental kit – after the Professional dental therapy.

While the retained milk teeth usually do not cause pain , the Yorkshire Terrier dentist recommends removing them. Food becomes impacted, and the adult teeth erupt abnormally.

Any residual deciduous teeth need to be removed by the Yorkshire Terrier dentist.

Yorkie Dental 5

In the warm, loving care of our dental veterinary Nurses. The nursing care in these delicate small dogs is very important.( After the Yorkshire Terrier veterinary dental)

Brushing – Yorkie dental

Brushing the teeth should ideally be done at least every other day. Starring from the first vet visit. Many owners neglect brushing their dog’s teeth, but if the effort is put in to brush them just for one minute, several times per week for their quality of life improves.

Brushing should be done with a toothpaste specifically for dogs. They are usually poultry or beef flavored and contain enzymes which aid in dissolving the plaque off the teeth. Human toothpaste should never be used. The foaming agent in human toothpaste can cause liver damage to dogs, and if xylitol has been added, which is a sugar-free sweetener, this can cause the dog’s blood glucose to drop dangerously low.

Yorkie Dental 6

Dr Phil at discharge – after extracting , cleaning, scaling, polishing, cutting back gums and bonding the teeth.

For dogs who have not been trained to have their teeth brushed from a young age, and do not tolerate it well, simply smearing the toothpaste on the teeth several times a week will be significantly more beneficial than doing nothing at all.

Brushing can be carried out with either a dog toothbrush or a finger brush. Dog toothbrushes come in a variety of sizes and understandably, the Yorkie needs the smallest size available. Ensure that all teeth are brushed, especially the back teeth which are often missed, both on the inside and the outside.

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