Greyhound Tooth Abscess

80 % of Greyhounds will have dental disease buy the age of Two.

The veterinary dentists for Greyhounds recommend basic oral cleaning. . About 15 seconds of wiping the tooth gum margin make a big difference!

Signs of Greyhound dental disease include;
Bad breath Redness of the gums and Discoloration of teeth

BELOW:  Getting our greyhound dental patient ready for the carnassial evaluation, Greyhound dental examination

Greyhound Dental

The patient has both a veterinary dental nurse assistant and a veterinary Nurse anaesthetist

Daisy came in with a Greyhound Tooth Abscess, weeping below the eye

See the picture below:

Greyhound Dental 2

Greyhound Dental x-rays

Greyhound Dental 3
Greyhound Dental 4

Note the loss of bone below the root of the upper fourth premolar or carnassial tooth

Postoperative Time The veterinary Dental Greyhound cage.

Greyhound Dental 5

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