Yorkshire Terrier Dental

Yorkie Dental 6

The Importance of Dental Care in Yorkie… Our Cutest Yorkie Dental patient, awake in a heated Yorkie vet Hospital cage at the vet dentist. This picture is taken 1 hour after the Yorkshire Terrier dental procedure. While the Yorkshire Terrier makes a wonderful companions, the teeth are a cause of many chronic problems . Like…

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Working with charity for a dental pet medical crisis.

charity dental

Sometimes outreach is needed -veterinary dentistry can be life threatening – and urgent. Sometimes the most loving pet owners are not aware of how bad the teeth can be. Before pictures: 13 year old Sheiko who has cemented a bond of iron with her loving Mum Blaize who had experienced enormous adversity since 2008. When…

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Why does my pet need a dental? Veterinary Dentists Explain.

Animal dentist – Why? An Opinionated view by Dr Phil Sacks I regularly get asked Wild animals don’t have dentists ? Our Domestic dog nad cats are very different from their wild ancesstors. A survey was done on lions and Wild dogs in the game parks in south afirca and a significant cause of pain…

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Why choose us for your pet dental needs?

In about 1995 Dr Phil and Dr Johan Joubert opened an animal dental veterinary clinic . It was the only referral dental clinic in South Africa for number of years.  Being the only veterinary dental clinic we had the opportunity to treat an incredible diversity of canine and feline  dental patients. We treated a lot of  pets  for dental…

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Vital Pulpotomy In A dog

Above: The root canal is being filled with a flowable veterinary dental composite. The pet is under anesthetic at the veterinary dental clinic. Above: The final repair At home with a repaired canine tooth Clinical signs of veterinary dental tooth fractures Usually no clinical signs they are subtle and painful initially Bleeding from tooth in…

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Veterinary Dentist – The Facts

Dog Dentist

Vet Dentists understand  that a pets need and deserve a mouth free of pain and infection. Vet dentists know that domestic dogs and cats do NOT necessarily  need teeth. ! A dental therapy often  with the least need for daily care vet dental care,  and  vet dentist follow-up ;is often best  and the pet dental plan most likely…

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Veterinary Dentals

Just like humans, our pets are vulnerable to gum disease and problems with their teeth. Alarmingly, 80% of dogs and 70% of cats suffer from some form of dental disease by the age of three. When there is a build up of bacteria, food particles and saliva on the teeth plaque is formed. Plaque sticks…

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Veterinary Dental Equipment

Dental Equipment 1

This is a typical routine dental equipment pack used for dog dentals and cat dentals as was used on 25 Jan 2016. . For rabbit dentals we need additional instruments. Note the array of Veterinary dental elevators, dog dental and cat dental root planners, periodontal probes, Various extraction forceps. The white instrument is a vet…

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vet dentist


Beau, a 15 year old, really , nervous poodle cross, presented to for a Vet dental visit. He had never had his teeth brushed or cleaned. The halitosis was bad! You should be concerned about the anesthetic safety. To ensure safety the following steps are taken: Gentle , low stress handling in a quiet warm…

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