Veterinary Dental Equipment

Dental Equipment 1

This is a typical routine dental equipment pack used for dog dentals and cat dentals as was used on 25 Jan 2016. . For rabbit dentals we need additional instruments. Note the array of Veterinary dental elevators, dog dental and cat dental root planners, periodontal probes, Various extraction forceps. The white instrument is a vet dental periosteal elevator . Fine micro stitching equipment to close fragile gums, Sterile surgical dental instruments, sterile drape etc. Dogs and cats have dental equipment requirements similar a human dental.

Dental Equipment 2

The left instrument sprays out air and a water mist, to clean the oral cavity and help visualize it. The middle hand-piece is a slow-speed drill animal dental handpiece, the headpiece on the right is our Ultrasonic scaler, that sprays a light mist of water, It is identical scaler unit used by my specialist dentist. We also have fast hand piece.

Dental Equipment 3

WE use an acrylic dog dental models and cat dental models to visualize each tooth and its roots, and to demonstrate to pet owners the teeth, and how large some of the roots are. In many cases the canine tooth root is about double the length of the tooth that we see!, Yes a Tiger canine tooth is 7 cm visible , with the root about 14 cm !! a 21 cm tooth total length – very very large – especially if doing a root canal in.

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