GumSwelling, Caudal Buccal Traumatic Granulomas in a Cat

Gum Swelling in young cats.

The typical presentation at the cat dentist is a young cat, about 5 -7 months old presented for swellings or a growth in mouth on the back gums -usually on both sides.

Cat dentist gum mass

The situation arises when there is a malocclusion of the upper back premolar teeth ; in which they contact and traumatize the gums of the lower or mandibular tissues. In these cases, there can be significant damage to the periodontal support of the lower 4th premolar and molar. There may also be the development of nasty, painful ulcer-proliferative lesions. This cat’s upper 3rd and 4th premolars were causing painful ulcerative and proliferative lesions and periodontal disease of the lower molars.

Cat dental gum swelling 2

The lower molar may need to be extracted. The upper 3rd or 4th premolars and possibly molar may need to be extracted for the traumatic ulcer lesions will never resolve. (extraction-309-409 may need the same)

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