Carnassial Teeth Fractures in Dogs

Penny loves chewing bones, and the biggest teeth in a dogs mouth are the upper fourth premolars – called carnassial teeth. They are the teeth Hyenas use to chew bones in Africa game parks. Penny fractured both of her carnassial teeth. She was presented to Canine Dental Hygiene Services. They diagnosed the slab fracture and referred Penny to the Veterinary dentist in Burwood.

A slab fracture is when the tooth breaks longitudinally, from front tom back. Its is commonly seen at the veterinary dentist from chewing bones with the powerful canine jaws. This three rooted tooth is difficult to save once the pulp cavity is exposed, with a slab fracture.

Extraction involves making a gum flap and cutting the roots into three separate entities. and then closing the gums. This is a picture of the mouth after the tooth has been extracted.

Teeth Fractures 1

Recovery from the anesthetic in the gentle care of our the dental nurses.

teeth fractures 2
teeth fractures 3

And the most important part of the dental going home – to the loving owners .

teeth fractures 4

Penny with her Owner and Dr Phil who did the Dog Dentistry.

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