Chihuahua Dental Disease

Dental disease is the most common chronic problem in pets. Your Chihuahua is more likely to need a Chihuahua Dental than other dogs. A Chihuahua Dental is usually needed to control pain and infection in their small overcrowded oral cavity.

Dental disease in Chihuahuas starts with tartar build-up on the Molar teeth and progresses to deep seated gum infection and pain. The Chihuahua Veterinarian notes that tooth roots become abscessed.

If we, the Chihuahua Owner and the Chihuahua vet dentist don’t prevent or treat dental disease, your “buddy” will loose teeth and the dental disease will damage kidneys, liver, heart, and joints. The Chihuahua’s lifespan may even be cut short by one to three years, but quality of life will go down if painful dental conditions are not addressed.

Chihuahua Dental 1

“Buddy” weighing in at 2.2 kg under General anesthetic .  Important considerations for such small dogs anaesthesia are :

  1. Warmth – Both before and after the  Chihuahua Dental General anaesthetic. ( See the last picture of Buddy’s 25  degree hospital cage. Keeping him at the perfect temperature for optimal safety).  The theater is heated to 23 degrees and the Chihuahua undergoing a Dental is placed on a heated pad, and covered.  We monitor our Chihuahua Dental patients temperature throughout.
  2. Chihuahua Dental anaesthetic doses – We use micro – insulin syringes to give the general anaesthetic allowing us to giving 1/100th of a milliliter ie 0.01ml accurately, to the small Chihuahua Dental patient .
  3. Dental monitoring – we constantly monitor the blood oxygenation, the heart rate etc see the picture of Buddy’s Chihuahua Dental’s actual readings.
  4. Maintaining blood pressure during the Chihuahua Dental
  5. Brilliant,  caring, Veterinary Dental Nurses, to help with the post Chihuahua Dental recovery.  See the unposed pictures .
Chihuahua Dental 2
Chihuahua Dental 3

The SpO2 or oxygen saturation is 99% which is good in this Chihuahua Dental

The Heart rate is 65, and the drip running into the arm vein via a drip pump is 20 ml per hour – in this Chihuahua veterinary Dental

The real essence of a veterinary facility is what happens at the back – when there are no clients to impress.

Buddy in the loving hands of our brilliant vet nurse.

Chihuahua Dental 4
Chihuahua Dental 5
Chihuahua Dental 7

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