Dental Disease Progression


We really need to see your pet for a dental , is a common request given by our dental vets to the pet owners . So you are not alone Pet dental disease is not only common, but is essentially part of the aging process. . With some further explanation it will be clear why regular veterinary dental evaluations and vet dental treatments are part of responsible pet ownership.

The downside of leaving dental problems untreated is pain and disease just like in people. D disease is not only painful and uncomfortable for pets, it is often more costly to treat. Veterinary dental costs are not expensive once the anaesthetic and hospitalization costs are removed. Regular daily teeth cleaning is usually enough to keep a pets teeth clean. Dr Phil cleans his poodles teeth weekly with a face cloth, and at 10 yeas old the, poodles oral cavity is great.

Stage One

Without home care or any veterinarian dental treatment it is highly likely for pets to develop a build up of bacteria on the teeth. This leads to plaque which leading to calculus on the teeth. At this stage you are likely to notice redness and possibly swelling on the gums. . A veterinary dental therapy with subgingival cleaning and periodontal sealants can often reverse the process if it is followed by teeth cleaning at home.

Dental Equipment 1
Above: The special veterinary dental Kit

Stage Two

If the pet dental disease progresses and without any home dental care or vet dental treatment visible gum recession.


Stage Three – Advanced veterinary dental diseases

Advanced Dental Disease

Unfortunately this is a common veterinary dental presentation. Overall heath declines and  deteriorates and there is a degree of oral pain when eating and at rest. .The pet’s liver, kidneys and heart are affected directly as well as other parts of the body.   A pet at this stage will have a new lease on life after the often single dental procedure – done by a veterinary dentist.

They can’t tell us when it aches!

It is very difficult for cats and dogs to tell us when they have a toothache.

What pet dogs and cats need t is a mouth free of pain and infection, just as we would want. If you are concerned about your pet’s teeth and gums, we offer a veterinary dental check-up for the cost of a consultation fee. Just contact us to make an appointment for a veterinary dental check-up. The Veterinary dentist will go through your pets oral health requirements and home care recommendations.

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