Dog Carnasial Tooth Restoration

This patient has carnasial tooth with an enamel fracture, that has not reached the pulp yet! and Being the Largest tooth in the mouth, saving it is much better than removing it. It is a primary chewing and shearing tooth in a canine oral cavity.

Ceasar a magnificnet German Shepard – damaged his upper premolar 4. Ceasar was refered to us by Canine Dental Hygiene Services, a teeth cleaning service for dogs without anesthetic. They picked up the need for repair of the damaged enamel before it reached the pulp cavity.

7 May 2019 This handsome boy Ceasar 👑 who chipped his carnassial tooth which is the largest tooth in a dog’s mouth! To strengthen the tooth and prevent the tooth from breaking or becoming infected and needing to be extracted it was restored with a dental composite the same way a human filling is done, and the same way a beak restoration is done.
Check out this beautiful boy’s before and after! Thank you for being such a perfect patient Ceasar!

Carnasial Tooth 1
Above: Picture just before the anaesthetic, our dental patient is relaxed and comfortable, the Veterinary dental theater is warmed. And the dental nurses are helping.
Carnasial Tooth 2
Above: It’s hard to see but there are multiple enamel chips and the red pulp cavity is visible and a crater like lesion present. The dog dental needs to be done under anaesthetic.
Carnasial Tooth 3
Above: The dental composite has been placed and need polished and final sealing.
Carnasial Tooth 4
Above: Going home 1 hour after the procedure – the most important part of the Dog Dental visit. Veterinary Dentistry is fun!

Another case:

Follow the pictures showing the procedure of restoring the damaged tooth and the veterinary dental procedures involved.

Carnasial Tooth 5
The area is cleaned and scaled and polished
Carnasial Tooth 6
Carnasial 7
The restoration started with acid etching and bonding
Carnasial 8
Carnasial Tooth 9

The most important part the dental support team Torri the vet Dental Anesthetic Nurse, and vet Dental assistant – final year student From the Faculty of Vet Science at Melbourne University Stacy – With Dr Phil the Doggy dentist.

Carnasial Tooth 10

Veterinary Dentist

Dr Phil has worked in a dental clinic for many years and loves our first and second opinion dentistry cases that we are seeing more and more of.

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