Dog Dental Surgery

Jerry a 9 year old dog – came to for her Aqis accredited vet examination and a rabies vaccination for export to Taiwan.

His oral cavity was “shocking” in that there was advanced periodontal disease, plaque , tartar and a very smelly mouth. The owner had been living with the doggy halitosis. – Jerry needed a professional veterinary dentist, to clean his oral cavity, and enable a normal doggy breath, and oral health , and .to give him a new lease on life !! Literally! With periodontal disease bacteria can enter the body and lodge in the liver, Heart and kidney, and cause disease. Jerry was 9 years old – and no one had ever recommended a canine dental – by a veterinary dentist.

Veterinary dentistry takes a while to learn, and a while to become experienced with vet dentals.Jerry was s seen on the 6/7/2017 for a vet dental .

Before pictures:

Dog Dental 1
Dog Dental 2

After the canine dental, and vet dental therapy , scaling, root planning, subgingival curetting, extractions, Sonas antibacterial therapy.

Dog Dental 3
Dog Dental 4

The cost of the procedure was about $670 and Jerry left about 2 hours after the procedure with doggy dental wipes to use twice a week for life. Don’t let your pet suffer with painful debilitating dental disease!

This was so rewarding for the Patient – a new healthier life – the vets and nurses – as the result is easy to see.

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