Feline Dental Procedure

How does a cat dental work?

  1. The Cat dentist will examine the patient awake and discuss the cat dental therapy.
  2. The option of dental X-rays will be recommended.
  3. The option of using periodontal antimicrobial sealants discussed and recommended after a veterinary dental scaling.
  4. The option of filling the cats extraction site with bone filler will be discussed.
  5. The costs for the vet dental will be discussed.
  6. A Feline veterinary dentist consent form will get signed.
  7. The ongoing kitty dental after care will be dicussed.
  8. We Supply pet dental products for ongoing oral health.
  9. Most cat dentals are done under anaesthesia on drip fluids.
  10. Our dedicated anaesthetic dental nurses will help and monitor the dental.

A cat grows two sets of teeth. The first set comprises 26 “milk” teeth. And is present by six weeks of age.
At six months old, the 30 permanent teeth will be present.

Veterinary Dental specialist Dr. Carmichael, says diet and genetics play a major role in feline dental disease. a determining which cats are more susceptible than others to dental disease,. But the overriding cause of dental problems can be traced to the modern cat’s diet.

Common Feline Dental conditions

There are many cases in which extraction may be the only remedy:

  1. Feline Dental Periodontal disease is the most common, affecting an estimated 85 percent of cats over the age of six.
  2. Feline tooth resorption(Used to be called FORL) is another comparatively common dental affliction, affecting an estimated 50 percent of cats. has extended to the point at which lesions pose a threat to the pulp chamber must be extracted.
  3. Feline gingivitis/stomatitis syndrome (FGS).
  4. Fractured teeth may occur as the result of trauma or, less commonly.

Problem Solving – The Vet dentist will complete the dental exam as art of the dental scaling and polishing under anaesthesia, Dental x-rays are very helpful.

See the team Doing a Dental procedure on a cat. THe vet dentist and the support team. Of course we have Dental – xrays.

Feline Dental Team

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