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Jacquie a 15 year old Jack Russel had an oronasal fistula after an infected canine tooth was extracted.

Oronanasal Fistula is an abnormal connection between the mouth – “oro” and the Nose -“nasal”. So food could end up on the nose.

This is a common complication after extraction of canine teeth with marked periodontal disease as in this case . The “hole” in the mouth had been present for months and was not healing.

oronasal fistula repair 1

Repair was done by the Veterinary Dentist at Burwood, taking a gum flap and loosening tissue from the palate side. Then the gum tissue is reattached in a tension fee closure, by the dog dentist.

oronasal fistula repair 2
oronasal fistula repair 3

This particular case was quick and easy to close using dissolving stitches. 5/0 Catgut was used, as the suture to close the defect.

And its always nice to go home to a loving family – about 1 hour after the procedure, That’s why we do it !

oronasal fistula 4

Happy owners – with a pet that will have an infection free pain free moth in a few days.

Pet dentists at Burwood love dog dentistry and are passionate about doing a good job with both the owner and patient in mind.

The parameters measured while having the doggy dental.

oronasal fistula repair 5

Blood pressure 90 over 53 for this patient at the Veterinary Dentist

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