Poodle Dental Surgery

Miniature poodles have very delicate teeth and tiny often twisted roots and the poodle vet dentist needs to take care when extracting the delicate poodle teeth.

Alice came in for tooth restoration, but the tooth needed to be sectioned into three, and gently removed by the Poodle vet dentist.

Poodle Dental 1

The maxillary 4th premolar 208 is the largest tooth in the mouth has 3 roots that are divergent in the miniature poodle dental, see the diagram.above. Note that the poodle dental roots are complete and fully removed,

One of the most important aspects of fracture of this miniature poodle dental tooth is dependent on whether the pulp canal has been exposed. Alices pulp had been exposed. The poodle dentists had to remove the tooth.
This carnassial tooth has a complicated crown fracture.

Poodle Dental 2

Taking out the last root of the miniature poodle.

Poodle Dental 3

Note the warm dental theater, and attention to the needs of our miniature poodle patients.

Poodle Dental 4

The heated recovery incubator for miniature poodles. After a poodle dental we need the perfect recovery environment for after the dental anaesthetic

Poodle Dental 5

Alice going home with his owner 1 hour after the poodle dental procedure.

Poodle Dental 6

Our caring veterinary dental nurses make all the difference.

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