Treating a Dog with a Dental Abscess

The Veterinary dental service . treated Ishy a 3 year old Labradoodle with a dog dental abscess.. This is a much loved family pet, that was in pain and and his little body was infected!
This pet needed its large long canine tooth extracted, by the dog dentist.

Every pet deserves a pain free infection free mouth .


A very happy 13 year old pet and Owner, reuniting about 2 hours after the doggy dental

The Veterinary Dental Procedure –

Ishy  had the doggy dental , with extraction of the longest tooth , a canine .  After a gum flap was made,  Ishy’s tooth was gently loosened by burring away at the surrounding bone. At least Ishy was sound sleep and would not have heard the veterinary  dental   Drill.

The Veterinary Anaesthesia is monitored by a experienced veterinary nurses.

The vet dental involved cleaning and scaling  teeth above and  below the gun line.

Ishy 2

Veterinary Dental Nursing : The vet dental nurses are crucial for your pet s well being. Note the happy environment – at the Vet dentistry clinic. “Smiles all round ” This makes for a better recovery and less stress on the recovering patient – Possibly why the recovery was so good. (Melbourne Veterinary Dental)

Ishy 3

Ishy’s gums have been gently sutured closed , to close the large defect remaining after taking out the large canine tooth. This closure makes for a rapid, relatively pain free recovery.

Ishy 4

Ishy also gets a doggy scaling and polishing, Gums were cut, called gingevectomy, and composite restoration of a fractured teeth – like a human dental filling, and bonding and sealing smaller defects. Ishy is a lucky pet to have an owner that is aware that dental disease is painful and often results in infections.

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