Vet Dental Procedure

The Veterinary  dental service  was fortunate to treated a Magnificent 49 kg Sarplaninac – with dog dental disease.  This is an uncommon breed also called, a “Yugoslavian Shepherd Dog”.
This magnificent specimen needed 8 large long rooted teeth extracted, by the dog dentist,   due to with painful pulp exposure of all the front teeth.

This pet named “Lynx” is a rescue and we suspect spent a fair amount of time biting at cage bars – that caused the, tooth damage and  dog dental disease.

Dog Dentist

Above:  Dr Phil With Lynx 1 hour after the Veterinary dental Procedure , at the veterinary dental facility.
The Veterinary Dental Anaesthetic –

Lynx had the doggy dental extractions under the watchful eyes  of a specialist anaesthetic Vet, for the Vet dental procedure.  After a premedication Lynx, for the Vet Dental,  with drugs including methadone, and a drip set up, the specialist anaesthetist , the  General anaesthetic went smoothly.

The Veterinary Anaesthesia Specialists   monitored the Vet dental anaesthetic by measuring :

  1. Heart Rate
  2. Breathing  -respiratory rate
  3. Blood pressure – we had cuffs on the front leg.
  4. Blood Oxygenation
  5. The percentage of COs breath out, or end expired Co2
  6. The ECG – beeping throught out the dog dental veterinary procedure.
  7. The core body temperatureThe staff at the veterinary dental service are able to keep the dental instruments  sharp ;enabling the veterinary Dentist to extract the teeth, gently and efficiently, with  little flaps and minimal trauma.

    The dental x-rays confirmed root remnants and the need to extract  all the incisor teeth, including ones below the gum surface, that were not seen without the Veterinary dental xrays.

    Veterinary dental clinic – with Veterinary Dental X-rays and More see click on link below.

The dog dental procedure went well with eight teeth extracted.

Dog Dentist Monitor

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